Nurse Refresher Program

Renew your RN License and Return to a Vital Career

If you have let your RN license lapse and want to get back into the nursing profession, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!


Our RN Nurse Refresher Course is designed to help you update and enhance your nursing knowledge and clinical skills to get you back into the profession of nursing.  Obtain 80 contact hours. 

Start Dates: Fall Semester (August), Spring Semester (January), and Summer Semester (May)

Theory Component - 80 Theory Hours

Clinical Component - 80 Clinical Hours

Timeframe for Course Completion = 12 months

Cost of Program - $1,400.00 (Books, Clinical Fee and Enrollment Fee are extra)

Requirements (prior to beginning the program):

  • Contact your state board of nursing to determine if this RN Refresher course meets state requirements. Additional requirements may be necessary.
  • RN License: Must be formerly licensed (reactivate license) or currently licensed. Verification of prior licensure from (or the state Board of Nursing where is not available) should be sent via email as part of the admission process. Work with your board of nursing to acquire a limited authorization to practice or temporary license in order to complete the required clinical experience. Please provide documentation of limited authorization to practice upon admission.
  • Completion of orientation including Cornerstone.
  • Technology Requirements: Students registered for this course are required to have internet access and a current St. Luke's College e-mail address. All computers should be able to run the latest editions of operating systems and programs utilized during the course.  Skill requirements include use of St. Luke's College student portal (CAMS), Blackboard, internet search engines, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint.
    If you need assistance with online course access please contact Student Services:
    Michelle Ouellette
    Phone: (712) 279-3273
    Hours: M-F 8-4:30.